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St Michael’s Parish Centre

We have two rooms available to hire, the larger room, the Parish Hall, which accommodates up to 200 people is on the opposite side of the car park to the church, and we also have a room attached to the church which accommodates up to 80 people. There is ample off road car parking.

The Parish Hall is on one level and has easy disabled access, including a separate disabled toilet and baby changing facilities. There is ample natural lighting, a small stage area, and basic music system. Large kitchen area, with plenty of working space, cooker, fridge - shutters link this to the main room. We are licenced and can offer bar facilities for parties of 50+ adults, draught lager can be supplied for larger gatherings. Our hall is high enough to accommodate a bouncy castle for children’s parties. The hall is ideal for regular weekly activities, children’s birthday parties, family celebrations, social/ charity afternoon teas and events and community events, and all types of meetings. We offer the room for hire most days and evenings and our prices compare very favourably with any other in the local area.

The Church Meeting Room comprises a very pleasant carpeted room accommodating about 80 people, with a small side room to accommodate about 20, which has a hatch from the kitchen area. The main room has ample natural light from windows to two sides and is separated from the church by full length blinds. There is a separate entrance to the meeting room and double doors lead in from a disabled ramp if necessary and the toilet facilities are on one level.

There are ample tables and chairs for any event. The kitchen is equipped with cooker, fridge, etc.

These rooms are suitable for regular booking, meetings, training days, small family gatherings and funeral teas etc. For both sites we can provide catering or if you wish you can bring your own food


  1. The maximum number of persons, adults and children, permitted to attend a function in the large hall is 200, in the new church hall is 80. Only this number is covered by insurance.
  2. All bookings will remain provisional until the completed booking form is returned together with a deposit. The booking will then be confirmed as permanent and the deposit is not refundable. The full amount must be paid not later than on calendar month before the date of the function. Bookings made less than month before the date of the function must be paid in full with the booking form.
  3. All cancellations must be notified to the booking secretary (phone 0161 796 2128 or 07759 678753) not later than one month before the date of the function, cancellations made less than 1 month before the function date must be paid in full.


  1. The bar will be opened only if prebooked on the booking form, and can be provided for events with 50+ adults, for lower numbers an extra fee will be charged.
  2. All alcoholic drinks consumed in the centre must be purchased from the hall bar. Anyone found with drinks not purchased from the hall bar will be required to leave the building.
  3. It is an offence to sell or give intoxicating drinks to persons under age 18 or for them to consume intoxicating drinks on the premises or for anybody to bring intoxicating drinks into the premises from an outside source. This law is subject to random spot checks by the police and will be strictly enforced.

Buildings and Outside

  1. Please keep all fire exits fee from furniture or any obstruction.
  2. It is the responsibility of the person who has booked the hall and is in charge of the function to maintain good order at all times. It is their responsibility to ensure that no damage is done to fixtures, fittings and furniture in any part of the centre, especially in the toilet areas.
  3. A separate cheque for £50 is required with each booking as an insurance against any damage. This cheque will be destroyed if no damage occurs.
  4. As the halls are situated in a residential area all music and entertainment noise must be kept to a level that is not audible inside neighbouring properties. Regular checks should be made by the event organiser. Special care should be made when people are leaving the event late in the evening.

Aggressive Behaviour

  1. We have a zero tolerance policy towards aggressive or threatening behaviour from guests and visitors and we reserve the right to shut the bar and request that the premises be emptied.

Use of the rooms

  1. The room must be left in a reasonable state of cleanliness, removing all food and litter.
  2. Permission must be obtained to fix decorations, and must be fixed only by using Blu-Tac, all traces of this must be removed at the end of the evening.
  3. Furniture should be left as it was found unless alternative arrangements have been made in advance with the booking secretary.


  1. Use of the kitchen and its equipment is only with prior arrangement and payment of the required fee.

Catering at St Michael’s

You may organise your own catering or if you wish we can cater for you or help you to find local caterers.

We aim to ensure proper food safety and hygiene standards are maintained. Below is the extract from the Health and Safety instructions which summarises the main conditions.

Parties and organisations preparing buffets and refreshments are not permitted to set out food more than three hours before the time of intended consumption and are asked to store at a safe temperature prior to this.

If you intend to organise your own catering we request you refer to the food safety guidelines found at []("")

All food waste is to be tidied up and placed in bin bags, taken out of the building and placed in the bins outside. Absolutely no food or waste is to be left in the building overnight.

Room Hire Charges

Children’s Parties

Fee £40 which includes a 2 hour party and half an hour set up and half an hour to tidy up – 3 hours total £10 for each additional hour or part hour.

Adult Parties/Events with 50+ adults - with bar provided:

7pm – 11pm + 30 minutes drinking up time = £60 (Sunday – Friday) or £90 (Saturday)

7pm – Midnight + 30 minutes drinking up time = £90 (Sunday – Friday) or £120 (Saturday)


Use of kitchen for preparing food and/or cooking £20

Other bookings

£15 per hour minimum of 2 hours. Bar can be provided for smaller parties on payment of £7 per hour for each bar staff.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept any booking which where the intention or affect of the event is to promote actions or ideas that are clearly contrary to the church’s teachings or the law.

We will refuse 16th and 18th birthday parties which will not have more that 50% people aged 30+

Get in touch to enquire about availability

Phone - Angela - 0161 796 2128 or 0796 4059145

Parish booking phone - 07759 678753 (Text to either mobile number)


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  • Get in touch to make a booking or to ask a question
  • PHONE: 0161 796 2128 or 0796 4059145 to speak to Angela
  • TEXT: 07759 678753 and we'll call or text you back
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